Violent and bloody arcade style tournament fighting action game set in Caesar Caligula's Rome!
Available on Android and later on iOS!

We Who Are About To Die, Salute You!

Gladiator Bastards is a tournament fighting game in the tradition of arcade classics such as Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. Choose a gladiator and fight your way through the Roman tournaments and challenge the deranged Emperor Caligula himself!

The game has fast paced 16-bit / arcade style gameplay with crazy story mode. Complete tournaments and gain gold to hire new gladiators to your ludus (A Roman term for gladiator house or team). Gather the most successfull fighting team in the history!

There are six merciless bastard fighters to choose from at the beginning. Each champion has it's own set of deadly skills and special moves. Master your moves to crush your enemies to hear the lamentation of their women (or men).


Gladiator Bastards has six selectable characters (four of them must be unlocked)


A furious gladiatrix who wants to nail Caligula for slaughtering her dad to amuse his friends. She is prepared to take on the worst scum in the Roman gladiator arenas with only her fists and kicks just to look at her mortal enemy eye to eye!


A twin sister of Alia who also has a beef with the emperor. This gladiatrix is armed with razor sharp gallus (a Roman sword) and unpenetrable shield. All those who come between her and Caligula will be chopped into pieces -including her own twin sister!


A scientist from the future who claims that the aliens have captured him and brought him back in time to kick Caligula’s ass. Arbelas (sort of like a Roman cookie cutter) in one hand and a driller like instrument in another, Sextus cuts through the enemy hordes like a warm knife through butter!


Disguised as a black slave, Nubian is actually a secret agent for the nubian Government. A kind of ancient 007. His orders are to take down the Caligula's Empire. Using his two Gallus blades, The Nubian will not fail on his ambitious mission!


Steinn has entered in the gladiator games not for killing, but for love. He wants to meet his immortal idol, The Emperor Caligula and maybe get invited to Caligula’s infamous orgies! Armed with deadly spears and a shield, Steinn wants to be the first gay gladiator champion of the first empire!

Rex Petillius

Even Roman empire had it’s share of serial killers and Rex Petillius was certainly one of the most notorious ones! He was captured by the centurions and forced to kill at the arenas. But that is what Rex Petillius does best with his trident and sharp net!

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